Hum of the Lake

A place to feel, a place to be. There are not many words to describe Lake Titicaca, only the feeling of the air and the movement of the water can express the majestic feeling that the highest lake in the world gives, a lake that the Incas believe humanity arose from.

IMG_8343The islands of lake Titicaca were some of the few places that were barely touched by the Spanish conquistadores. Throughout my ventures in the Incan archeological sites, there are reminders of the Spanish conquest, there’s a reason that what remains of their sites are its skeletons. Regardless of the shift, the pressing energy of the Ingenious remains, all that could be taken by the Spanish was surface, the energy still exists, and in Puno I could taste it even more so. Perhaps it was just Lake Titicaca itself that provided me with this feeling, maybe the Incas were right, maybe humanity did arise from here. Is this why I had an ever ending hum inside of me? Regardless, something about walking down an empty street into an empty plaza was so personal, and welcoming. IMG_8368 (1) Welcoming is a good way to put my feelings of Puno, especially from the mountains. The mountains that kept calling me to lay with them, and the Donkey that let me kiss his nose and cried when we walked away. A place to give and place to receive. Let me give you tea by the temple above.IMG_8452

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