Do NOT Smile at the Rainbow

Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas

In psychology there is a term that pertains to anyone who travels; Ethnocentrism. This word means, looking at a new culture through the eyes of your own culture. After spending almost two weeks here in Cusco, I have come to realize why people experience ethnocentrism. You are on a new continent, in a new country, experiencing a new city, and sleeping in a different bed. People tend to have an ethnocentric outlook because they are trying to find a similarity of their own culture to provide them with comfort. Sometimes being uncomfortable is a good thing, because new opportunities arise. And over the past, almost, 2 weeks, all 14 of us had gone out of our comfort zone.


Our first weekend in Cusco was primarily to help us get accustomed to the altitude, but this past weekend (May 28-29) we had our first adventure! On Saturday we had the pleasure of visiting 4 Inca temples: sun, water, wind, and earth. Along with the 4 temples, we went to Saksaywaman.

Qurikancha (Temple of the Sun)

Hearing about all the history behind the temples gives you a higher appreciation for why they are so sacred.





**FUN FACT!!!: It is believed by the Andean people that if you point or smile at a rainbow you will either loose you finger or teeth. And for girls between the ages 15-20 should run and hide when a rainbow is in the sky… Why? Because if the girl does not go and hide, the rainbow will then impregnated her.

On Sunday we went to Moray and the Salt mines (Salineras).


Moray was used for agriculture. Each circular terrace has a different temperature, therefore only certain crops can grow on certain levels.

Salineras (Salt Mines)

The Salt mines were man made pools, where natural salt water flows off the mountains and fills the pools. This process takes about 2-3 months to complete, for the salt to be harvested.

Cusco, Peru is a city to visit for its history, the amazing views, the vibrant colors, and of course the delicious Peruvian food. Everyday I am trying my best to not be a tourist and photograph everything, but this is not working out, but photos are the best memories!





Written by: Kierstyn Selig

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