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How Do I Get Started?

Let Us Know You Are Interested - Choose Your Program - Apply to Your Program - Complete Pre-departure Tasks - GO ABROAD - Continue Your International Learning

1.) Let Us Know You Are Interested

The International Center holds regular events including info sessions throughout the semester. Your first step in studying abroad is attending one of these info sessions, or visiting us for office hours. Check the Hammock and your weekly Newsletter for more information about our events. 

2.) Choose Your Program

Narrowing down your program choices can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Use these steps to help determine your best option.

Know your Goals

Knowing the goals you want to accomplish while abroad can help you choose a program. Determine which of your goals are most important to you and let those guide you. Some common goals include:

  • Earning credit towards your Flagler degree
  • Learning/improving a language
  • Gaining career related experience
  • Learning about a specific country
  • Learning about your own heritage
  • Having a new and challenging experience
Decide on a Place & Program to Study Abroad and think about the program length:
How do I decide where to study abroad?

Consider what is most important to you. Is it more important to be in a particular geographic location, or are you willing to go anywhere as long as it fits your budget? How long do you want to be abroad? Can you afford to take some core requirements and electives, or are you on a strict course schedule and need to take specific classes within your major? Do you want to be more flexible and independent while abroad or do you desire more structure and support? Answer these questions first and it will help give you some direction. 

Search programs on our site to see what Flagler has to offer. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.
I'm pretty set on my destination and program, but how do I know if it's possible?
Once you have thoroughly researched and settled on a place/program, make sure to set up a meeting with your Academic Advisor to talk about study abroad and how it will fit in with your Flagler education. Coming prepared with a list of courses offered and other information will help your Advisor work with you on deciding if it fits with your degree aspirations.

3.) Apply to Your Program

After you have chosen your program complete the application on our site. For Provider programs, you will need to complete an additional application on the site of your provider. Please keep in mind that application deadlines may differ from the Flagler deadline.

4.) Complete Pre-Departure Tasks

There are several Pre-Departure Tasks you will be required to complete in order to receive your final approval to study abroad. One of the requirements is attending a mandatory Pre-Departure Safety and Security Presentation. More details will be provided to you upon acceptance to your program.


You have done all the leg work! Now go, enjoy your experience!

6.) Continue Your International Learning

Upon completion of your program, you will receive an evaluation to complete. Please let the International Center know how we can improve our programs and resources for students like yourself. You will also have many opportunities to participate in International Center programming to continue your international experience back at Flagler.

Other FAQs:


How much luggage should I bring with me?
Less is more! We recommend bringing as little as possible, if you can, keep it to one checked bag for longer trips and a carry-on for shorter trips. Any more luggage is extremely hard to navigate through the airports and will usually incur extra luggage fees. You will obtain more items abroad than you might think.
How do I prepare for my study abroad experience?
While you can never be fully prepared for the adventure of spending time abroad, there are a few things you can do for a smoother transition.
  • Research the country so you know what behavior is culturally acceptable and what key differences exist.
  • Contact other students who have studied abroad in your destination.
  • Identify the parts of studying abroad that may be the most difficult for you and develop plans to work through them. (Do you get homesick at summer camps? Do you see a therapist or doctor regularly and plan to continue that while abroad? Can you ride a bike and walk several miles per day?)
  • Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) through the U.S. Department of State. The STEP program sends important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans.
  • Attend the mandatory orientation hosted by the International Center (You will be emailed the details after acceptance. Generally, this happens in late November for Spring students and April for Summer and Fall students.)
What if my health insurance doesn't cover me overseas?
Flagler students are required to have insurance during the duration of their program. For Faculty-Led courses without providers, the International Center will register you for coverage through GeoBlube insurance. For most semester abroad programs, your program provider will include insurance in the cost of your program. For Exchange programs, you may need to purchase insurance (this is also available via GeoBlue).
How (and who) do I pay for my program?
  1. FlagSHIP Programs - Students pay the program deposit through the Terra Dotta site (our study abroad site) and then pay the program fee directly to Flagler through their student account.
  2. Faculty-Led Programs - Students pay the program deposit through the Terra Dotta site (our study abroad site) and then pay the program fee directly to Flagler through their student account.
  3. Semester Exchange Programs – Students participating in semester-long exchange programs will pay their regular Flagler tuition directly to Flagler, within the regular deadlines. For housing/meals etc. Students will either pay the partner school or provider directly.
  4. Provider program - Students pay the provider directly for the entire program cost. There is a matriculation fee that must be paid prior to departure. 
**Please note there is a $75 study abroad administrative fee which will be applied to all students studying abroad on Faculty-Led Program. This fee will be automatically added to your account after program registration and is not included in the program fee. The fee for Provider Study Abroad Programs is $160.**

While Abroad

How do I keep up-to-date on Flagler happenings while abroad?
You'll still receive regular Flagler emails while abroad. You must make sure to keep track of major dates such as class registration, FAFSA deadlines, housing hand-in dates, etc. Just because you are abroad does NOT mean that these can be extended for you if you forget to fill something out on time!
Can things that happen abroad affect my standing with Flagler?
Even though you are abroad, you will still be registered as a Flagler student. Therefore, your actions abroad do affect you as a Flagler student. Class failures, violations of conduct code, etc. will go through the same processes as they would if you were still on Flagler’s campus.