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More Funding Ideas


Raise money using social media and crowdfunding sites to ask others to support you financially in order to participate in an educational program abroad.  This is most successful when you have a specific goal you are aiming to achieve through studying abroad, especially when the goal is related to future career plans or plans to positively impact a specific community.  Below are some simple steps to follow.

1. Determine how much you (and your family) can contribute financially and how much additionally you need.

2. Write a detailed, well-written proposal of what you plan to do (the program you are going on, courses you plan to take, research you plan to do, volunteering you plan to engage in, etc.) and how it will help you reach your goals.

3. Make a plan of who to contact to request funding.  Receptive targets include individuals who care about your personal success and individuals or organizations who share an interest in your goals.  Examples might include:

Community organizations or individuals who share your goals or experience (e.g. women’s groups, ethnic associations, service organizations, groups promoting understanding of the country you are going to, etc.).

Academic or professional associations related to your academic goals. (Ask professors in your field for ideas.)

Local businesses related to your area of study, your goals, or those with an interest in the country in which you will be studying.

Individuals with financial resources who are sympathetic to you or your goals and interests (e.g. first generation in college, same ethnic background, similar academic area of specialization or career goal, friends and family, etc.).

Individuals, businesses or organizations in your home town, if your home town is small.

4. Consider asking for matching funds. For example, explain that you have $5,000 and you are looking for 5 people or groups who can donate $1,000 each (or 10 who can contribute $500 each).