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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Faculty Led: Irish Independence - The Easter Rising and its Consequences Belfast, United Kingdom; County Kerry, Ireland; Derry, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Killarney, Ireland; Shannon, Ireland
Terms: Summer Description: Study history in Ireland with Dr. Butler!
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Faculty Led: RST 350 - Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker Berlin, Germany
Terms: Summer Description: Visit Berlin Germany to learn about Dietrich Bonhoeffer who is known for ministry with children and youth.
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Faculty Led: Social Entrepreneurship - Leading Change in Scotland Inverness, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description:
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Faculty Led: Southern France: Montpelier - Culture and History Aigues-Mortes, France; Avignon, France; Montpellier, France; Nimes, France
Terms: Summer Description: Practice your French while studying in beautiful Montpelier.
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Faculty Led: Study Abroad Oceans Research, South Africa Mossel Bay, South Africa; Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Terms: Summer Description: Travel to South Africa with Dr. Blonder!
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FlagSHIP: Africa & Development: The Ghana Experience Accra, Ghana; Cape Coast, Ghana; Kumasi, Ghana
Terms: J-Term Description: Travel to the Gold Coast and experience this part of West Africa first hand. Learn about Ghana and participate in cultural activities.
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FlagSHIP: Baseball and Culture in the Dominican Republic Santiago, Dominican Republic
Terms: J-Term Description: Batter up! Go hit a home run while studying sports and culture in the D.R.
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FlagSHIP: Berlin Public Art | Public Memory Berlin, Germany
Terms: Maymester Description: Visit Berlin to learn about public Art while also dissecting public memory.
FlagSHIP: Cajun Country – History and Culture Lafayette, United States
Terms: J-Term Description: Join Professor Charoni as you explore the history and cultural influences in Cajun Country.
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FlagSHIP: Cenotes, Legends, Ruins in Yucatan Yucatan, Mexico
Terms: J-Term Description: Visit ruins, learn legends and experience the wonders of Yucatan.
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FlagSHIP: Christian/Mayan Spiritualities Yesterday and Today Yucatan, Mexico
Terms: J-Term Description: Discover the cultures and spiritualities of Yucatan, Mexico.
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FlagSHIP: Idioms, Metaphors, Proverbs, oh my! Language and Culture in Cajun Country Lafayette, United States
Terms: J-Term Description: Practice your language skills in Cajun Country!
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FlagSHIP: Immersion in Venice: Travel Writing about the Culture, People, and Future of the Sinking City Venice, Italy
Terms: Maymester Description: Write about your travels as you explore one of Italy's most notable cities.
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FlagSHIP: International Relations: Cultural Immersion in Bulgaria Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Rila, Bulgaria; Sofia, Bulgaria; Stolat, Bulgaria; Tsarevets, Bulgaria
Terms: Maymester Description: Explore Bulgaria - learn about it's pivotal role in Eastern Europe while visiting historic sites, meeting locals, enjoying local cuisine and much more.
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FlagSHIP: LGBTQ+ Activism: Art and Politics San Francisco, CA, United States
Terms: Maymester Description: Explore LGBTQ+ activism of the 20th and 21st century in one of the most notable queer cities in the world.
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FlagSHIP: Queer Stories, Queer Lives: Working the Archives Los Angeles, CA, United States; West Hollywood, United States
Terms: J-Term Description: Head to California to learn about queer agency.
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FlagSHIP: Russia in Triumph and Tragedy Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia
Terms: Maymester Description: Explore two of Russia's most well known cities with FlagSHIP.
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FlagSHIP: Strategic Communication for Water Sustainability in Jordan Amman, Jordan
Terms: Maymester Description: Learn about water sustainability in one of the world's driest cities.
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FlagSHIP: The Glorious Subcontinent: Diversity and Citizenship in India Agra, India; Delhi, India; Varanasi, India
Terms: Maymester Description: Travel to India and learn about its diverse population.
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FlagSHIP: Water Scarcity, Science and Sustainability in Jordan Amman, Jordan
Terms: Maymester Description: Join Flagler Faculty on the trip of a life time to the capital of Jordan.
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