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La Amistad

It’s been a little over a week since I said goodbye to my family in Cusco, boarded several different planes, slept in several different airports, and twenty-eight hours later, finally arrived home. I still have a backpack to unpack, gifts to give, and pictures to show my friends and family. I’ve been living in a […]

Subidas y Bajadas

This past weekend we finally reached the pinnacle of our trip, Machu Picchu. I have wanted to go to this Wonder for as long as I can remember, partly because my mom has always been fascinated by Incan culture and talked about going to the site together. Although I was not with my family, I […]

Celebrar La Cultura

Last thursday we celebrated Corpus Christi in the Plaza de Armas. The city transformed into a sea of tourists and Cusquenans and our group witnessed the festivities from a balcony: a truly perfect view. Corpus Christi is an interesting cross between the Catholic faith of the Spanish and the Incan roots that are still deeply […]

Skyping from Peru

Web and New Media Services Director, Holly Hill, caught up with Professor Aggie Johnson, who is leading a Flagler College Study Abroad team in Cusco, Peru.