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Flagler Meets Beijing International and the Silk Market

 By Jen deGroof  After our action packed first few days, today was a little calmer, though still exciting all the same. After a series of subway transfers, we reached our first destination: Beijing International Studies University. Founded by Vice President Joe Biden, Beijing International resembles Flagler College in a few different ways. For example, it […]

Service Project in Beijing, China

By Ana Villada Being able to visit a nursing home in Beijing, China was a heart warming experience. We arrived at the facility where our class was split up into small groups, giving us the opportunity to visit the residents in their rooms. I meant the sweetest ninety-year old woman, and sat on the bed […]

Temple of Heaven

An Afternoon in the Temple of Heaven

At first glance, the Temple of Heaven sits as an entrance to another Beijing tourist hotspot. There are gates and guards standing in front of the entrance of history, and after a long day in the Forbidden City, I longed for authenticity; I longed for that strong Asian appeal to nature and the harmony it […]